Progressive Goal Attainment Program™

Progressive Goal Attainment Program (PGAP™)

What is PGAP™ ?

The primary goal of Progressive Goal Attainment Program (PGAP™) is to reduce psychosocial barriers to rehabilitation progress, promote re-integration into daily life activities, increase quality of life and facilitate a return to work. Its goals are achieved via structured activity scheduling, graded-activity involvement, goal setting, problem solving, achievement tracking and motivational support.

Why PGAP™ ?

The Official Disability Guideline (ODG) consistently recommends a psychosocial rehabilitation approach for delayed recovery clients. PGAP™ consistently demonstrates reduced medical expenditures of 50% within the first 12 months and reduced time loss due to increased return-to-work rates (Chronic to Early Intervention rates are 45-86%). Further more, organizations such as the American College of Occupational & Environmental Medicine and the Social Security and Veterans Administration have recognized PGAP™ as a treatment guideline for individuals experiencing psychosocial barriers related to returning to work.

Who should participate in PGAP™ ?

PGAP™ is appropriate for many individuals who are occupationally disabled due to illness or injury and are experiencing delayed recovery beyond established treatment guidelines. Whether the individual has been disabled for 4 weeks or for multiple years, PGAP™ delivers a standardized cost effective way to approach occupational disability intervention.

Who are our PGAP™ consultants?

Strategic Consulting Services’ PGAP™ consultants are trained directly by Dr. Michael Sullivan from the University Center for Research on Pain & Disability. Our PGAP™ consultants administer proven treatment methods and standardized community-based intervention during a PGAP™ in collaboration with Life TEAM Health to ensure quality standards and outcomes management.

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